Monday, April 28, 2008


Let's see, the story:

Loser accountant gets schmoozed for no apparent reason by highly successful lawyer. They "accidentally" switch phones. Accountant dude suddenly becomes man of the world, heavily involved in the anonymous "sex with strangers" club. Hooks up with girl he developed fantasy crush for based on "random" encounter in subway. Falls for her. Lawyer turns out to be con man who now wants accountant to steal 20 million dollars from next company he is auditing. Kidnaps pseudo-girlfriend as blackmail.

Accountant figures out real name of non-lawyer dude. Transfers money to get girl back. Apparently blown up in building. Bad guy and girl go to Spain to collect money. She has second thoughts. Mad her wannabe suitor killed. They go to bank. Find out accountant made it so he had to cosign for money. Turns out to be alive. Accountant and con-man collect the money. Accountant bargains for whereabouts of his dream know the one, the girl who participated in a plot that should have killed him...they go to "quiet place" to come to an arrangement. As con man about to shoot accountant, dream girl appears from nowhere, shoots con man.

Accountant leaves all stolen money with body. Later meets with girl and movie ends.

I think the greatest deception in Deception (2008) is there is anything here of interest. If I had seen this movie as a rental using the free coupon I got on the soda cup at McDonalds for the Red Box I would feel ripped off. I should have been paid twice my normal hourly fee to watch this drivel. It is a suspense movie without suspense, a drama with no drama, and a movie where the "twist" is so predictable that not one person in the theatre was taken in by it.

The pacing is so slow that you have lost interest in the movie long before it bothers to get into the story. The characters are lame and uninteresting. You never care about any of them. There is just nothing to hold the interest. This was a pathetic attempt at entertainment.

Normally I don't care a whole lot about plot holes unless they are so outlandish as to destroy the illusion of being in a different world. But some of these were so brutal...such as said accountant needing his glasses to see a bed 3' in front of him early in the movie, but after he and lawyer switching identities he apparently got Lasik because in his new identity as the con-man he no longer wears glasses and can see just fine. When a major plot device...his vision problems without glasses...suddenly disappears for no reason, it claws at the bounds not just of credibility but of outright stupidity.

I guess I have not said much good about this movie and I should point out the redeeming features. They are as follows:

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