Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Baby Mama

If you enjoy racist stereotypes, juvenile humor, bizarre characters, and stupidity I cannot recommend this movie strong enough. Let's see, we have:

- the midriff baring, smoking, drinking cursing bleach blond skank with the inked up man-whore who do everything they can to project the redneck vibe...well, except they listen to rap instead of country

- the black man who has multiple "baby mamas" and no real relationships

- the Indian gay couple with the Apu-like accents and emotional outbursts

- the older white woman comparing being single at 37 to living an "alternative lifestyle"

- the stoner hippie ceo

Then of course we get the peeing in the sink, vaginal stretching, can't open the car door type jokes. And the mom's eating poop joke. And the sleeping around jokes. And the stoned jokes.

This movie is utterly devoid of intelligence or meaning. Of course, along the way there are some laughs. The courtroom scene is hilarious, for example. And Steve Martin actually is pretty funny for a change.

There is even some sympathy. Tina Fey does a good job of drawing you into an insipid, predictable lack of story despite her apparent retardation and inability to notice an absolute lack of intelligence in her future baby mama.

This movie is certainly better than the previews but is nothing better than a time filler. Unless you have too much time and money on your hands or a serious movie addiction, wait for video.

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