Monday, October 1, 2007

Can you smell what the Rock is cookin'?

Today my husband and I caught the Rock's (A.K.A Dwayne Johnson's) new flick, "The Game Plan."

The movie started out showing NFL Quarterback Joe Kingman's (Dwayne Johnson) bachelor lifestyle. It was clear early on that this man was the life of the party, but also very lonely, as his only real friend was his pet Bulldog, Spike. His lonely days ended when he discovers he's a father by his daughter showing up at his doorstep. What follows is incident after incident of the Rock trying to adjust to his new role as father. We watch him go from macho man to a father who's willing to put his daughters needs first. Somewhere in the middle an unexpected love interest pops up and romance ensused. Throw in a plot twist at the end I wasn't expecting, and overall it was a good flick. During one scene, I even shed real tears. The only thing lacking is that the real heart of the movie doesn't show up until the last 45 minutes. So although you are entertained, you don't really care about the characters until the movie is almost over.

My rating, a good family flick. And what female wouldn't enjoy 2 hours of watching the ROCK.


Darth Weasel said...

Yes! One of my collaborators actually bothers to collaborate! Nicely written

Al said... if I can manage to see a movie before the Weasel it would be amazing...I'm sure there will be a horror movie soon..